Rechargeable Citronella Dog Collar Anti Bark Train Mist Spray Stop Barking Usb

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Hey! This Rechargeable Humane Citronella Spray Anti-Bark Collar help your pets to develop a good habits,It conditions your dog to stop barking using a harmless burst of spray.It was made of eco-friendly citronella fragrance, Humane and safe to use.The collar is adjustable,suitable for small/medium/large dogs.The collar is rechargeable and water-resistant,it comes with USB cable.The sound sensor detects the bark.It sprays 24times when it is fully refill.


Trouble Shooting:

Step 1: Charge for 4 hours, until the green light comes on and stays on.Step 2: The collar does not come with the mist in the unit. One must add the citronella before use. See directions of the can. Step 3: Place the collar snuggly on the pet, shaving any long fur that gets in the way of the unit detecting the bark and delivering the mist spray. Step 4: The collar is operational when the mist has been inserted and the green light flashes. Step 5: When you see the red light flash while being worn by your pet, this indicates either the battery needs recharging or more mist needs be inserted.

If the collar leak when you fill the citronella: This situation is sealed valve problems which caused by transport vibration, the solution: 1. Do not refill first,and blow to the collar on back side in order to make the solenoid valve work(blow several time to ajust the spool in right side),then you can refill it again



Rechargeable mist spray collar

Adjustable mist spray level from gentle to strong

LED indicator with low power alarm

Four mode: Start + Stop + Mist Spray + Recharging

Citronella essence oil without CFC ingredient

No shock collar with harmless and safe spray


Max diameter approximate 17cm

Min diameter approximate 6cm

Package size:22x15.7x3.9cm


1 x Rechargeable Spray Anti-Bark Training Collar

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

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