Mini Sports Wireless In-Ear Single Ear Driving Capsule Waterproof Earphone Urbeats Monaural

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  • iPhone and Android Compatible
  • The In ear ultra light weight will not give any burden on your ears. The mini charger is perfectly pocketable and portable, full encloses your earpieces for protection
  • Bluetooth Version: V5.0
  • Way of Use: earbuds
  • Standby time: about 4 h
  • Description
    User Tips: 

    In Stereo Mode, when you use it as a pair, both earbuds can control the media (such as Play/Pause- one click, Skip/Return and so on) from its own button. Please be informed that you can only hear the voice from one earbud(Left Side) when you are in a call in Stereo Mode. 

    Twins and Single Method(Reset, to solve bluetooth connection problems): 

    NOTE: Its best to pair the 2 earbuds to your Bluetooth devices at the same time.
    Wireless Pairing Steps (Both earbuds used at the same time or Separately) 

    Twins Pairing: 

    1. Long press the power button of the pair of earphones at the same time until the led flash in blue and red alternately. 

    2. Keep pressing the button for 3 seconds, there would be a voice that says “Power On”.

    3. Turn on the Bluetooth on your device and search for and select "TWS-i7" to connect. When the led flash slowly in blue, this is a confirmation that they paired successfully. The voice will confirm saying “Your Headset is Connected”.

    Single Pairing: 

    1. Long press the power button of the earphone until the led flash in blue and red alternately, then it is ready to pair. 

    2. Please turn on the Bluetooth on your cellphone and choose “TWS-i7” on your list, there would be reminding voice from the earphone saying “Your Headset is Connected”.

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