Vintage Microphone Guitar Robot Table Lamp

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Industrial products don’t excite you anymore?when life meets art, use the design to change the temperament of your home. This musical guitar art light is the perfect choice for your home.

The joints of this lam can be freely controlled, allowing you to easily set the angle of the light and create different poses.

It's aesthetically pleasing, has a unique microphone robot that you can put on a table as a nice decoration and you can turn it on and forget about it for a long time because the light is filled with energy saving bulbs.


  • This microphone robot is handmade, very unique and unique.
  • The microphone robot can also be used as a desk lamp, placed on a desk or at home, and is also a good decoration.
  • The microphone robot is made of metal, and the dimensions are height: 6.3 inches, width: 4 inches, and depth: 3 inches. It will be a long-term favorite because the main material is mainly metal, and over time, components with brass materials will create an ancient atmosphere.
  • The joints of this machine can be controlled slightly freely, so you can easily adjust the angle of light to create different poses.
  • The microphone robot is not only an ornament for indoor lighting, but also an ornament for viewing. The power cord is black.
  • A completely unique gift, no other gift can compare!

Weight: 220g
Material: aluminum, stainless steel, iron
The products are all handmade. If there is a size difference, please refer to the actual picture received, please understand, thank you~

Package Content:
1 * Microphone rob


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