Ultrasonic Body Slimming Massager, 7 in 1 EMS Galvanic Photon Wrinkles Remove Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Cellulite Firming Machine, with Gloves

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【7 in 1 Body Beauty Device】Body shaping and facial care combined into one beauty device ,which uses 6 technology and solve 7 big problems. This body beauty device has the functions of tightening sagging skin, improving fat, removing wrinkles, deep nutrition, dilute melanin, eliminating spots in one machine, one device is enough to solve your whole body skin weight care.

【Reduce Fat to Shape ""S"" Body】High-frequency vibration of 1,000,000 times/s can cause changes and movements in every tissue of the skin, this burn fat machine can promotes the dissolution of fat, deep penetration of the skin, and enhance skin elasticity,accelerate skin growth,to reduce fat and shape body ,and give you a charming body!

【Skin Care and More Beautiful】Most dirt, oil and cosmetics residue have negative ions, so the positive ions of the massage head will suck the residue out, so to clean the skin deeply.Daily care products' nutrition mostly only get to epidermal layer, this 7 in 1 beauty machine can send the nutrition to skin, so to accomplish deep nutrient effect.

【Body Massage and Healthier】E-M-S is a physical technology that has a good effect on the human body. It not only has the effect of reducing fat, but also has the function of massage. E-M-S can massage the body and activate energy to regulate the body. It has adjustable modes to meet your different needs.And this massager can use in the arm, waist, abdomen, hip, legs, face.

【Comfortable and Adjustable】7 levels and 5 modes to adjust. This body beauty instrument has selectable modes, and multiple selectable modes make it suitable not only for face shaping but also for body slimming. Easy to operate and comfortable to the touch. Use with skin care gel, slimming gel for better effect.

7 in 1 EMS face and  body slimming machine, uses 6 technology and solve 7 big problems. It can tighten loose skin, improve cellulite, remove wrinkle, deep nutrition, dilute melanin, eliminate spot.


1.High-frequency vibration of 1,000,000 times/s , promote skin absorption and activate skin cells.
2.Positive ions lead out dirt, grease, keep skin clean and fresh. Negative ions lead in nutrition, nourish and moisturize skin.
3.E-M-S pads has m-i-c-r-o c-u-r-r-e-n-t , can masage muscles and consume surrounding fat,  for keeping your body slimming.
4. L-E-D technology, combines three kinds of L-E-D to dilute dullness, remove whelk, eliminate wrinkle and restore skin elasticity.
5. Electrode silver fiber gloves, shaping body and improve circulation.
6. 7 levels and five modes to adjust.
7. Easily operate, comfortable hand feeling.
8. Use together skin care gel, body slimming gel.
9. It's not only applicable on face shaping, but also on body slimming.
Material: ABS
Input: 100-240V
Output: 15V  
Power: 6W
Frequency: 1MHz
Red Light Wavelength: 625±3nm
Blue Light Wavelength: 465±3nm
Green Light Wavelength: 525 ±3nm
Color: White
Item Size: approx. 23.5 * 5.5 * 7.5cm / 9.3 * 2.2 * 3.0inch
Package Weight: approx. 600g
Item Type: Body Slimming Machine
Package Included:
1 x Main Machine
1 x Goggles
2 x EMS Pads
1 x EMS Cord
2 x EMS Gloves
1 x Power Adapter
1 x English Manual、、

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