Pocket HD 1080P Mini DV Hidden Spy Camera Pen Video Audio Recorder Camcorder

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Feel like James Bond with this mini camera pen!

✔ SHOOT HIDDEN VIDEOS: Record audio video without anyone knowing they're on camera! Simply throw the pen in your shirt or pants and press the button with ease.

✔ CAPTURE HIGH-QUALITY CONTENT: Capturing high-quality audio and video has never been easier, shoot amazing first person perspective footage without attaching a bulky camera to yourself!

✔ USE THE MOTION DETECTORS: Use the integrated motion detection technology to start shooting without pressing a button, it will film on its own when it notices movement!

✔ FIT IT IN YOUR POCKET: Bring it with you wherever you go, and always be ready to film on the go! Put it in your shirt pocket and film anything you come across.

Shoot videos without anyone noticing using this mini spy camera pen!

Capture high-quality video and audio! Produce amazing content that is completely unaffected by the size of the camera. 

Take advantage of the motion detection technology, and start shooting without pressing a button, the camera will start filming on its own when it notices movement!

Take it along wherever you go! Always be ready to film, capture video directly from your pocket.

Always be ready to film. Get yours today!


Customer Reviews

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A J Inns

The instructions were so small I had to get a magnifying glass to try and read them,
. They do not explain how to record and stop it. they say 2 pushes on the button to start and hold it for 7 secs to stop, well that does not work or the camera is faulty. VERY UNHAPPY

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