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Cook the eggs evenly, perfectly every time, not over or under done

Simple, fast egg cookware for fast food, this mini egg cooker can cook eggs in no time. No more waiting for water to boil!


Easy to use: the microwave egg boiler cooker for holding the 4 perfect hard or soft-boiled eggs securely with interior shelf.This microwave hard-boiled egg cooker is easy to use and fast.

Cook Up To 4 Boiled Eggs: With the egg cooker for hard boiled eggs, you can cook up to 4 eggs at once. Cook soft,medium or hardboiled eggs and save time on cooking and cleaning with our amazing boil eggs maker. Eggs come out perfect every time after placing on microwave oven, while the egg shell peels off quickly without a fuss.

Food Grade Materials:Adopt strong PP exterior and an aluminum alloy egg tray,you’ll be making hard boiled eggs for years to come with this countertop egg tray. Prepare eggs exactly the way you like them.

Dish Washer Safe: Simply disassemble the big egg cooker and put it into the dishwasher or clean with hot, soapy water. Perfect for making your favorite salad,sandwich, English muffin, or a quick meal to go!

Convenient and Safe: Egg shape and reasonable vent hole to prevent being burns, knob designed to prevent falling out or exploding. Cleaning up with no fuss.



Type: Microwave Egg cookers

Color: White

Material: PP+Aluminum

size: 13.5 x 14 x 15.5cm

Features: Adjustable,microwave safe,easy and fast operation

Shape: Egg

Occasion: Family, hotel, apartment dormitory, etc.

Application: Make perfect boiled eggs

Item Weight: 130g/0.29lbs

Egg Slot: 4Pcs


Package Included: 

1x Microwave Egg Cooker

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