Electric Mini Cordless Air Duster Blower High Pressure for Computer Car Cleaning

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The only tool you need to keep your electronics dust-free!


1. Wide range of applications: hair blowing, computer keyboard case, car, home cleaning, office, digital products, Lego toys, swimming ring air bed, outdoor barbecue, etc., as long as you need wind is when you can hand it.
2. Safe and reliable: stable current motor makes the work more stable and the speed is stable.
3. Adjustable: with three levels of wind power adjustment allows you to work in different scenarios with the right mode.
4. Large capacity: with three built-in lithium batteries, it can work wirelessly for 45 minutes after each charge, so that you are not limited by the distance due to wiring.
Charging power supply: DC5V
Charging input current: 3A
Output voltage: 7.4V/12V
Output current: 3A
Rated power: 35W
Standby power consumption: <50UA
Charging port: T-C port
Battery capacity: 6000MAH (3 batteries)
Charging time: approx. 3H
Operating time: 30 minutes / 45 minutes
Motor: Brushed high speed motor
Motor speed: 51000 rpm
Blowing force test: 25M/S
Operating temperature: -10~50°
Working humidity: -10~60°C
Material: ABS+PP
Noise: <80db
Net weight: 325g
Weight with packaging: 425g
Dimensions: 111X69*X195 mm (without tube)
Package size: 206X76X120 mm
Safety protection: over-current protection, over-voltage protection, over-discharge protection, short-circuit protection

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