3 Port USB Phone Charger Station Mushroom Night Lamp Wireless Charging Station

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1. Multifunctional charger: wireless charging + 3 USB charging port, which integrates wireless fast charging, QC3.0 fast charging and ordinary 2.1A/1A charging functions, can meet the charging mode of most mobile phones and other digital products. In addition, its 40W power can meet the demand of four mobile phones charging at the same time.

2. Charging Receiving Bracket: The charger base is equipped with three bracket clamps. The mobile phone or tablet computer can be placed in the clamp, which can save space, keep the charging table clean and avoid the winding and disorder of charging wires.

3. LED soft light night lamp: white/warm color LED lamp with translucent silica gel shell, light is soft and not dazzling; using sensitive vibration induction switch, lightly tapping can light or turn off the night lamp, simple and convenient.

4. Strong practicability and wide application: suitable for most DC 5V charging input digital products, suitable for families, offices, hotels, restaurants and bars and many other places.

Using Method :

1. Check whether the charger and equipment parameters correspond to one to one before use.

2. Insert the power cord into AC100-240V.

3. Connect USB A public-to-public plugs with USBA (different plugs for each device) connection to the output terminal of charger, and then connect the corresponding plugs to electrical devices (such as mobile phones, MP3, cameras, iPod series, etc.) for electricity or charging.

4. A single mobile phone can be directly plugged into the socket charging plug for charging, without the need for USB charging line.

5. Pull out the power cord of charger when the equipment is full of electricity.


  • Input voltage: AC100-240V 50 / 60HZ.
  • Output: DC 5V / 8A (5 USB, single port maximum support 3.1A).
  • LED table lamp: 3.5W / 0.7A
  • Cable length: 1.5 meters
  • Size: 220 * 131 * 100MM
  • Packing: 235 * 145 * 110MM
  • Weight with package : 573g
  • Material: fire ABS + PVC flame retardant materials
  • Color: white
  • For all kinds of mobile phones, MP3, MP4, camera, iPod, Iphone series ... etc and other products.
  • With timely protection against overload and output short circuit protection measures, this  product is more secure.

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