Rechargeable No Bark Mist Spray Dog Training Collar Using Humane and Safe Pet Citronella

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Why buy?
  • SAFE & HUMANE: Our citronella collars are safer than shock collars. Train your dog effectively with no painful stimulation.
  • RECHARGEABLE & WATER RESISTANT: Never buy batteries again with our USB rechargeable charging function. Collar is durable and water resistant. Frame is built to last.
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE & CUSTOMIZABLE: Fully adjustable citronella collar allows for 2 spray volumes and 2 sensitivity modes. 27 inch collar is adjustable for small, medium, and large dogs. Kit includes collar, spray device with rechargeable battery, citronella spray refill, and training manual.
  • EFFECTIVE RESULTS: Built in microphone technology will sense your dog's bark and release short bursts of citronella spray - guaranteed fast results!
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: We offer a 60 Day Manufacturer Warrranty. We want you to have the best experience with our collar, if you have any problems, customer service is available 5 days a week by phone or email 7 days a week for consultation. 

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Citronella Anti-Bark No Shock Safe & Humane 
Dog Training Collar for Small,Medium and Large Pets

Most updated,environment-friendly and humanized.

The spray technology has been shown to be 90% effective at stopping or reducing barking.
Designed by professional dogs'feeders,developed owing to love for dogs,draw inspirations from dogs feeding,to let our dogs more safe and healthy.

How Does it Work?

When your dog barks, the No Bark Spray collar delivers a short spray of harmless citronella mist towards the dog's lower jaw. Completely harmless and painless, the citronella anti-bark collar is scientifically proven to be the most effective on the market. The No Bark Spray collar is automatic and does not require human involvement. Citronella spray not content in package,many brands spray can refill works on our spray bark collar

Is it Safe?

The citronella spray is non-offensive to people and generally effective enough to distract your dog from whatever he is barking at. This is not a shock collar, shock collars use a painful shock to attempt to stop the barking. Using a shock collar is less effective and the pain induced to the dog usually increases anxiety, aggression and often worsens some behavior habits. We do not recommend shock collars.

Is it Effective?

The DUX DUCIS Pet Supply citronella no bark collar is twice as effective as shock collars and is extremely safe, effective and humane! Brand New, Factory Sealed, including everything you need to start training your dog. *Note: Date on bottom of citronella canister is NOT an expiration date. It is a manufactured date. This product is not perishable.

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Easy to Refill!

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Universal Micro-USB Charging Port!

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Adjustable Spray & Sensitivity!


1. The mist-spray bark-stop device can automatically distinguish dogs’ barking, without interferences on the product from outside sounds and frequencies.
2. The product can automatically detects battery energy and mist energy, and can start warning in a shortage for battery energy or mist energy.
3. The mist-spray bark-stop can make dogs stop barking in a short time, and no long-time training is needed.
4. The purely natural mist liquid is used for warning, no harmful to dogs, quite safe.
5. Low power consumption, average life battery to 2-4 months
6. lemon mist liquid is made of purely natural lemon essential oil, without CFC.
 mist liquid has no harm and side-effect for humans and pets, can effectively stop dogs’
7. It is small, with a great capacity for mist liquid, 25 times is ok for spraying after being fully refilled, 1.5 times of other brands.


Weight: 53 grams (including battery)
Size: 65mm×38mm×30mm (L×W×H)
Battery: 4 LR44 6 V Alkaline batteries (Replaceable)
Adjustable nylon strap on neck sizes up to 20-inch
The working life: over 10000 times
Collar size:
Collar Width is 1 inch
Collar circumference up to 24 inch

Packaging Including:

1 x 6V alkaline battery
1 x instruction manual
1 x Adjustable nylon strap

1x Mist Spray Anti Bark Collar

What cool people say?

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Cameron Reid

Finally something to stop the barking! I have a thirty pound terrier rescue that barks 24-7 like it is the reason he was put on earth. Nothing in five years has given us peace. He. It only barks but charges our large picture window and we were sure he would go through it. This collar stopped him in two hours!!!!! After a few weeks all I have to do is show him the collar and ask if he wants the collar and he goes to his bed. I have tried the collar myself-it must be at the throat and activates with a bark giving a quick blast of citrus spray. It also does not activate when our older dog barks on occasion. This thing was worth every penny and then some!

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Frances Castro

The bark collar worked for only a few week's and then quit. We replaced the battery, twice to make sure it wasn't the battery but it would not work. Company sent a replacement, may have been just a bad one.

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Frances Castro

Our dog would bark incessantly when someone came to the house (mailman, delivery person, etc.). When the person had to be there for a while (e.g., electrician, plumber, etc.) the barking continued non-stop. We opted for this collar on the suggestion of our vet, who is not a fan of shock/"vibration" collars. We've noticed a marked difference from Day One. We've gone from non-stop barking at a visitor to 2 or 3 barks, then silence. She's still fully tuned in to the visitor, but she's no longer barking, which is wonderful. The charging of the battery and the reloading of the citronella both are very easy to do. Great product!

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100% Authentic

All product are 100% authentic and high quality made in Saigon

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30-Days Money Back Guarantee

You can always have your money back if you are not satisfied with the product

Rechargeable No Bark Mist Spray Dog Training Collar Using Humane and Safe Pet Citronella - Smart Living Box
Rechargeable No Bark Mist Spray Dog Training Collar Using Humane and Safe Pet Citronella - Smart Living Box