Easy Setup Guide FOR XSHCAM

Thank you for choosing our products! Please follow the below instruction to setup and using your doorbell device.

1. Download and Install the App.

Open the App Store (for iOS) or the Google Play Store(for Android) on your mobile phone. Search for "XSHCAM" or scan the following QR Codes to install the app to your device.

2. Set up the App

Before you begin…
> Make sure the XSHCAM app is installed to your device.
> Make sure that your device is connected to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network, NOT a 5GHz network.

1.) Launch the Ubell app on your device and tap "Add a device" in "Device list" section.

2.) Select Setup Device
Note: If you have multiple cameras, only setup one at a time.

3.) Before setup, make sure the device is in compairing mode --- with a voice prompt
"Device is now ready to begin pairing".
Tap "Yes" to continue the setup.

4.) If you didn't hear the voice prompt, press and hold the reset button for 3 seconds untial the device  prompt "system reset" then release.  The device is being restarted and is in pairing mode automatically.

5.) The Wi-Fi network name will be filled in automatically, then input the Wi-Fi password.
Set the mobile phone's volume to maximum
for step 6.) then tap "Next" on the app.

6.) The mobile phone will emit sound waves. Please keep quiet during this time. And make sure the distance is around 30cm between the mobile phone and the doorbell device, then wait for the device to configure the network.

7.) After the connection is successfully done,
there will be a prompt asking for the device
name and password. The password must be
at least 8 characters and has to include at
least an uppercase letter, a lower-case letter,
and a number.

8.) Setup completed!  The APP will enterthe device list interface automatically. Congratulations! The device is ready for use.

3.The Wi-Fi Doorbell Features

To change your device settings,  tap "Device settings" icon in the device list section.(As below  image shown)

  Push mode Silence - Mobile phone will not receive the notifications.
Notification - App send alert message to mobile phone when someone call or press from doorbell device.
Call in - It shows incoming call on mobile phone when someone press the doorbell button
  Share QR Code Send the QR code to share the device to your friends and family or someone that you want to share.
  Delete camera The mobile device will not receive the notifications after you delete the camera. But the camera still works and the other connected mobile devices still able to receive the notifications.


 Cloud Storage

You can choose the video events save to Cloud or SD memory card. 

1.) Tap "Settings" icon in preview section to open "Device settings".

2.) Tap "SD card" and turn on the "Cloud storage" option.

3.) After turn on the Cloud storage function, the "Switch" icon in the preview section will be changed to "Cloud storage"

4.) To playback the Cloud storage events, tap the "Cloud storage" to get the list.
Tap the "Calendar" icon at the right top corner to choose the date to lanuch the previous videos.

Note regarding Cloud Storage:
The device records and upload a 10-second video to cloud everytime when PIR detects or some one press the Doorbell button; Each device can upload 20 event videos to cloud every day; and free Cloud storage service provides one week of loop recording space and traffic for users.

PIR Detection Instructions

The device supports PIR detection. Tap "PIR detection" to enter the submenus.


Disabled: Close the PIR function.             
Low: The device will start to take videos and send an alert to the mobile device 7 seconds from the moment it detects a moving object. B133
Medium: The device will start to take videos and send an alert to the mobile device 5 seconds from the moment it detects a moving object. 
High: The device will start to take videos and send an alert to the mobile device 1 second from the moment it detects a moving object. 

Note: It is recommended to set the PIR detection at "Disabled" or "Low" to save battery power. 

4. Special Notes!

1.) The device is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery. When the battery is fully charged, it supports around 2,000 times of waking up the device, which if the device is awakened 10 times again, it shall last about 6 months.
When the battery power is low, there will be a warning/reminder from the App. Please charge the device immediately.

2.) Keep the device in range of your router.
Make sure the device is placed close to the Wi-Fi router. If there has to be thick or insulated objects between the device and the Wi-Fi router, which may lead to weak Wi-Fi signal, please make sure the Wi-Fi signal is in good level before you start using the device.

3. It is a delicated device with low power consumption design. Everytime the device is awakened, it'll work for 30 seconds. After that, the device will enter standy mode to save power.